Our Walk of Life 
Kelly J Last and Cliff Turpin
May 29, 2005

Two guys searching for that special person to come into their life, to put stability, assurances and fill that void that exists.
Bored, I went into a Yahoo Chat Room just be have someone to talk with and to search for someone that was feeling the same dull voided feeling I had. Searching a Yahoo Chat Room is like trying to solve the great question of life. 
I clicked on a chat room and scanned through the list of guys in there and decided to wait and see if someone sent me a message. Well after about five minutes this message popped up. I read what was in front of me and deleted it with an answer. I wasn’t in there looking for anything but to find a sincere person, who was feeling as I. 
Finally a message popped up with just HI THERE. I responded and back came another message.  One message leads to another.  Hey I’ve got someone here that sounds interesting. I was writing a response and he was gone. There he was again, he was like a revolving door in and out. I was new to computers and didn’t know about getting booted. I said this guy is a wacko.
The following evening a message came to me from my Mr. Wacko guy. Then he explained that if he disappeared it was only because he was on dial up and got booted a lot. Okay, I can deal with that. 
One day lead to another and another and another. We spent a lot of time in the chat room getting to know one another. Finally in one message I decided to take the bull by the horns and as if we could meet. Kelly lived about 300 miles from me and this would involve some driving (for me I guess since I ask). The reply came back “no I can’t right now” Okay the guy needs more time, so I left the issue alone. After about a week I decided to ask the same question and the reply came back will next Sunday be okay? 
Would next Sunday be okay – tomorrow would have been better. But I didn’t push the issue. Sunday arrived and the house was all cleaned and waiting for this guy to arrive. He was late, did he change his mind, did he get lost or was it another freak pulling my chain. Finally a strange car pulls up in the driveway. It was he, he made it and I was glad to see him.
I planned a great dinner and a relaxing evening, just to talk and get to know one another. Well I found out he knew computers and could give me some pointers. So where did we head, but to the computer. We spent hours on it and Kelly walked around the Internet as if he had created it.
Well a one-day visit, turned into two days, then 3 then 4 then 5. He was on vacation so he had a full week to stay woooohoooo that was fine with me.
Please don’t let anyone try to convince you that there is no such thing as love at first sight. After one evening I feel in love and stayed that way. I didn’t let him know my feelings; I wanted to see where we were going with this visit. 
One day he told me about a scanner. Why did I need a scanner, all I wanted to do was chat on the Internet. Well we ended up in a store and purchased my first scanner. Okay I got this thing now what am I going to do with it? I learned fast what it would do.
Well it just so happened he needed a set of tires for his car.  I had the contact, made a call and before he left to go back home he had new tires on his car. He needed them and I had the funds, it was that simple. I expected nothing in return but a thank you and I got that.
The day arrived when he had to go back home. If I had my way I would have thrown his car keys away. But there were assurances that we would stay in contact. Finally I got a message that I needed to come and visit with him. Well I could only do a two-day thing. I’m packed and going to Marion, NC for a couple of days. 
This guy lived as a bachelor, I mean a true, REDNECK bachelor. 
I met a sister and brother-in-law and we got along just fine. Kelly was more nervous about me meeting his sister than I was. Hell I was just going to blend in and be myself. Well his sister is just like him, outgoing and friendly. If they wanted to know something, they ask. 
We chatted in that chat room for weeks and talked on the phone several times. I was liking this guy to much and to fast. 
One day in the room my fingers typed Would You Like To Move in With Me? That send button was clicked and the question was on its way. No turning back now. 
On May 4th, 1999, I got his reply. In short it was yes. On May15th, we had a uhaul truck backed up to his front door and loading it up. On the night of May 15th Kelly was living in Mebane. 
On October 8, 1999 we went to Chapel Hill NC and did Domestic Partner registration.
On Nov 5, 2001, while visiting his family in New York to attend his Grand Mothers funeral, we drove to Bennington, Vermont and (got married) A Civil Union, which in Vermont was the same as marriage without using that term.
We went back to NC and realized that our Civil Union was not doing us any good in NC.  June 30th 2002 we had a truck and car tow dolly and moved to Vermont.
It is now January 21, 2015; we are still here, still married and moving forward.
February 25, 2005 we became Foster Parents. A new venture in our life and a very rewarding one. We used to be 2 Guys At Home, thus the change 4 Guys At Home. Our Foster Sons are 16 and 19 years old, we love them very much and they loves being with us. 
So here we are 2 Gay Guys, two Sons, a dog and two cats. I guess the family is now complete. Well almost complete our Sons want some animals in their rooms (grrrrrrrrrrr)! Once we have them then we are complete.